Available Air Scrubbers

About Our Negative Air Machines

Our Hepa air purifiers are regularly test tagged every 3 months as well as cleaned and maintained making them suitable for use on commercial sites. Our units are serviced monthly, each unit is dust particulate tested to ensure it is filtering air sufficiently.

There are several different applications they can be used for including:

  • Hospital Clinical Cleaning - It can be used in renovations and post construction as well as medical containment of infections and viruses.
  • Mould Remediation - Filtering mould spores out of air and preventing cross contamination while cleaning and conducting strip outs
  • Construction and Silica Dust - Scrubbing air of construction dust and silica
  • Sewage Damage - can be used to reduce odours and smells with carbon filter attachment
  • Fire Damage - can also be used to remove odour caused by fire and smoke damage.
  • VOC’s - it can be used to remove toxic VOC’s from new building materials such as flooring, paints, resins and glues
  • IT Data Centres - They can be used in cleanrooms to remove dust from the air
  • Manufacturing and Green Houses - Can be used to reduce odour in several different industries