Room Size (based on 4 Air Changes per Hour)

87 sq. Metres.


Dri Eze


500 CFM. (425 CFM)

Number of Fan Speeds


Filtration System

2 Stage - 2 x Hepa Pre filter and 1 x Hepa Primary

Pre-Filter Type

Standard paper pre-filter

HEPA Filter Type

True medical-grade HEPA

Number of Filters to Change


Filter Change Indicator



1.5 Amps




63 cm x 27cm x 46 cm


20 Kg

These units are our most popular air scrubber available for hire because:

  • They are the standard. Easily one of the highest manufactured air scrubbers internationally.
  • High-quality Hepa primary filter and tight enclosure construction making it nearly impossible for any contaminant to leak though.
  • Has abundant availability of spares and parts from Dri Eaz and other high-quality third-party suppliers
  • They are extremely reliable
  • Impeller Motor is protected from burning and catching fire (over current protection)

Our Dri Eaz Hepa 500 Air cleaners are ideal for handling indoor air quality. These units utilize a HEPA air filter, with an efficiency of 99.7% against 0.3 of a micron. They can be used in a variety of different applications (smoke/soot damage, mould damage, sewage damage, etc). They are made of a roto mould and are designed to be lightweight and stackable.

New Pre Filter must be purchased with every hire. Call now for updated price.

New Pre Filter must be purchased with every hire. Call now for updated price.

Activated Hepa

Activated Carbon Filters are available for purchase. They are used for VOC and Odour Removal - Smoke Odour, VOC's, Sewage Etc.

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