Air Flow

500 CFM


240 V 1.2 Amps


56 cm x 36 cm x 61 cm

Air Flow

409 CFM


Therma-Stor LLC


Smoke Odour Smell Removal

A carbon filter attachment can be used inside the machine to remove odours

Data Centres and Clean Rooms

Perfect for reducing dust and construction debris landing on critical IT equipment.

Hospitals and medical

Suitable for use in Odour and fume removal, laboratory, medical and lab applications

Silica and Concrete Dust Control

Perfect for construction sites where concrete grinding and plaster dust might circulate in the ambient air

Features and Benefits

This unit can be set up as a negative air machine. Lay flat ducting can be connected to both the inflow or outflow of air. It has a variable speed control of up to 500 Cfm. It is, therefore, capable of 4 air exchanges per hour in a 9.4m x 9.4m x 2.4m room all while using only 1.2 amps of power. Other features and benefits include:

  • The compact footprint allows high air volume for minimum space
  • easy filter change and hinged access door
  • Machines stackable
  • Activated charcoal pre-filters available for odour control and smoke odour removal
  • Low power usage only 1.2 amps
  • Light and easy to carry. Smaller than Hepa 500 with similar performance

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