Requires 1 or 2 x 230v circuits at either 10 or 15 amps


20 Gauge Stainless Steel


130 Kg. Modular construction. Can be transported in 4 parts


68cm x 79cm x 1 560cm

Power Module Weight:

79 Kgs

HEPA Module Dimensions

68cm x 65cm x 35 cm

Peak Blower Performance

7 000 CMH and 8.4" w.g. static


2 ea. backward-curved blowers

Electrical Requirements

230 V/8 or 15 amp /50 Hz

Integrated Transport Cart:


Non-Marking Stairclimber:


3-Stage Filtration with HEPA:


Non-Marking Wheels:


Amperage Adjustment Switch:



Industrial and Commercial mould remediations

Our 2000 cfm units can filter the indoor air environment of mould spores, and typically a single unit can do sufficient air changes for a single level of a house.

Large Clean Rooms and Data Centers

This unit is very effective in large data centers especially during the data center remediation phase.

Construction Sites and Surface preparation

There is a very high CFM and static potential in this unit which makes it useful for filtering concrete and silica dust during surface preparation and general construction

Fire damage

Fire odour and smoke smell can be removed with the installation of a carbon filter.

VOC Hepa Filtration

Through the use of a carbon filter, this unit can filter out VOC odour in the ambient environment

Please Note When Hiring

  • This is a relatively loud unit and cannot be used in an office or home environment while there are building occupants present.
  • It can easily be transported as a modular system. It is transported in 3 sections and can be loaded into a trailer, van or ute.
  • This is originally designed as a duct cleaning unit, therefore we have all the duct cleaning machinery available separately if needed to be hired with the machine
  • There is no ducted outlet on this machine, therefore it cannot be run in a negative air environment.

Features for this unit

  • There are 2 motors in this unit, Due to the design of the motor, it creates a high about of static lift
  • There is a microprocessor that alerts you when the unit is heavily loaded
  • Advanced variable frequency drive which allows optimal performance without overloading circuits
  • The panel contains - hour meters, filter replacement indicator, circuit breakers and audio filter alarms
  • 3 stage filtration including a washable and reusable filter bag as a pre-filter.
  • Hepa primary filter is a pack configuration allowing optimum filter performance due to high surface area
  • 4 module design which makes it easy to transport and use on jobs
  • Can wheel unit through a standard sized doorway

There is a built-in stair climber which allows it to be rolled on stairs without damaging the flooring.

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