Why use us?

All Equipment is:

  • Test Tagged every 3 months (a requirement for several job sites)
  • Primary Replacement filter tested and replaced when no longer serviceable. We run air tests inside the air scrubber to confirm when filters need replacing.
  • All Hepa Air scrubbers for hire are cleaned inside and out after every job and hire
  • Quality Pre-filters are provided and available for purchase

Because our air scrubbers are comprehensively maintained, you can be assured they can be used in the following applications

  • Clean rooms operating under AS/NZS 14644 2002
  • Air Scrubbers in cleanrooms for the following industries manufacturing, electronics, environmental test facilities, aerospace and aviation, research facilities, medical controlled environments, hospitals and microelectronics manufacturing and pharmaceuticals

Phoenix Air Scrubber Rentals

Img 0217

1000 CFM, 4125 CFM and 2000 CFM unit side by side


Dri Eaz Air Scrubber Rentals

Img 8548

Air Particulate testing in our factory using a meter to ensure no contaminates are emitted

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